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At the start of any development process comes consultation. We sit down with you and clarify your needs, starting with the basics. Only in this way can we suggest the best solution. Depending on the specific task, that may be a standard product that meets your needs, or it may require a customized specific development.

In conceptualising tailor-made products, we work closely with our trusted partners. In a team that includes highly qualified engineers, chemists and lab technicians we optimise existing products or create innovative solutions to your specifications. At the same time, we always give our personal guarantee for the quality of the resulting product, based on our own reputation and Swiss engineering.

A comprehensive range of services provides you with sustainable solutions that will contribute to your business success:

Preliminary developments
Concept developments
Small and large-scale production series
Validation of components and systems
Tools and mould design
Coating and Refinement of different substrates