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Novadis Identification Solutions launched Nova-Tag®, ultra-soft and thin RFID Transponders engineered to all constraints in commercial, industrial and security applications.

Novadis Identification Solutions annouced Nova-Tag® Seal, worlds first heat-sealable RFID Transponders for cost effective and reliable labeling, for commerical, manufacturing and security applications.

Novadis Film/Packaging Technology launched Nova-Guard® RFID-Shielding Foil, developed to protect personal electronic data of payment fraud, electronic pick-pocketing, identity theft for commericial, industrial and security applications. 

Novadis Identification Solutions presents Nova-Cera® barcode labels for durable and reliable identification of ceramic sanitary ware during the manufacturing process. 

Novadis Identification Solutions improved the application performance of Nova-Cera® ceramic barcode labels and renamed to Nova-Cera® Xpress

Novadis Identification Solutions launched Nova-Cera® Fixative, water-dilutable, strong bonding and environment friendly fixative concentrate for ceramic decal applications.

Novadis Identification Solutions presents Nova-Cera® Logo, decal labels for the sanitary ceramic industry with permanent and long lasting visibility of logos after the firing process.