Our foundation. Building blocks of success.


As a family-owned company, Novadis operates in a highly competitive, dynamic market. In order to be successful in this environment, we run the company according to clear principles, adherence to which benefits our customers, business partners, suppliers, owners and staff.

Customer focus. Everything we do focuses on our customers. Their needs are the basis for
    evaluating our activities. We do everything possible to meet those needs.

Awareness of quality. Our activities are shaped by our determination to achieve the highest quality
    standards. We continually monitor ourselves to enable us to achieve that quality in every aspect of
    our services and products.

Revenue conscious. We think and act in ways that demonstrate an awareness of costs and profit.
    We offer our customers products and solutions with which they can generate real return rates.

Collective responsibility. Every member of staff takes responsibility, shows initiative and commits
    themselves to the company. In this way, each individual contributes to securing jobs in the long term.

Leadership. The welfare of our staff is extremely important to us. Through our leadership, we
    demonstrate trust, provide scope for development and behave in a fair and transparent way. We
    encourage initiative, commitment and the personal development of every member of our staff.